Crowdsource innovation

An innovation competition gets you diverse ideas - expect the unexpected

Open innovation - the new standard

Open innovation can no longer be thought of as a trend. It has become the new standard for creating stronger ideas and getting commercially viable products and services to market. When you use an open innovation competition, you tap into the world's knowledge base, giving your R&D team a more diverse perspective. Crowdsourcing innovation leads to stronger ideas.

When you run an innovation competition with Sqore, we start with the problem that you want to solve. We then identify the most effective format for challenge entries: models, business plans, new technologies, films - the list is endless. In our planning process, we customize the competition to meet your needs, making sure we have identified the right prizes, target groups, marketing channels, strategies, and iterations. We then promote the opportunity to your target audience - the more global the competition, the more varied the results. Finally, we filter submissions and send the best ideas to you.

We have run hundreds of innovation competitions, which have led to completely new companies, concepts, and processes, as well as small but necessary improvements. The ideas we collect come from all over the world and bring people together to move companies, and entire industries, forward.

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