Create branded competitions

How to get the most out of Sqore.

Getting results with Sqore is easy:

Turn ideas into opportunities
We work with you to create challenges that lead to opportunities. Not sure how to start? Our experts will lead the way, from concept to launch, helping you develop quizzes that ensure participants have the skills you need. Find new and better hires with no more effort than it takes to set up a traditional job ad.

Publish and promote challenges
Increase registration for your challenge by sharing your opportunity with our global community of passionate students and young professionals. Take advantage of targeted emails to our database of registered users by adding a marketing package to your opportunity.

Collect a list of top performers
Save time recruiting and screening - so that you can focus on engaging with top performers. Cut down on the time you spend on these processes and still end up with the most qualified candidates.

Award prizes and stay connected
Not everyone can win your challenge. Stay connected with top performers and invite them to compete for future promotions and opportunities.

Let's talk!

Whether you want to ask a few questions or discuss a crazy idea, we’d love to hear from you. We’ll contact you within one business day!